Dying To Ask

Hannah Roberts Spins Her Wheels Ahead Of The Tokyo Olympics

June 18, 2021

Hannah Roberts could become the youngest U.S. Olympic cycling medalist since 1912 this summer at the Tokyo Olympics.

At 19, she'd also be the first woman in her teens to win an Olympic cycling medal.

Roberts is used to doing big things at a young age.

She's a two-time world champion in BMX freestyle. The sport is making its Olympic debut this summer.

It's one of two BMX disciplines in the Olympic schedule. Freestyle riders compete similarly to park-like skateboarders and get scored on how well they execute tricks.

On this episode of 'Dying to Ask':

  • How the pandemic brought on the lowest point in Hannah Roberts' life
  • How she dug deep to rediscover her motivation and get the Olympic dream back on track
  • How becoming a newlywed changed her athletic outlook
  • How Roberts says she'd use the platform that comes with an Olympic gold medal to increase pay equity in her sport

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