Dying To Ask

Take The 21-Day Challenge With Olympic Gold Medalist Gabe Gardner

July 19, 2021

Over the last 20 years, I've covered the last 10 Olympics alongside my partner, Mike "Domi" Domalaog.

Then came the pandemic and the end to one of the greatest streaks in TV news. Domi and I aren't going to be in Tokyo during the games.

Instead, we'll be tracking Northern California athletes from home. And, that got us thinking: How can we bring our Olympic passion to our viewers in NorCal in a whole new way?

Answer: The 21-Day Challenge.

I'm teaming up with 2008 Olympic gold medalist Gabe Gardner to inspire Northern Californians during the Tokyo Summer Olympics to adopt a renewed focus on physical health and personal growth.

The challenge will feature workouts, nutrition tips and health hacks from athletes competing in Tokyo, as well as Olympic and Paralympics alums.

The challenge starts July 19 and continues until the Closing Ceremony on Aug. 8.

Viewers will be invited to share their personal challenges on our various social media platforms.

On this Dying to Ask:

  • Gabe's thoughts on how COVID-19 protocols will impact the Tokyo Olympic experience for athletes
  • How we came up with the 21-Day Challenge
  • Why even Olympic gold medalists like Gabe struggle with motivation
  • Why we all need a physical and mental reboot coming out of the pandemic
  • How easy it is to take part in the challenge and what Gabe will do if you finish it


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