Dying To Ask

A Father And Son’s Quest To Become Olympians For A Little-Known Nation

June 29, 2021

Hey, Disney: I have your next Olympic-themed movie.

It's "Cool Runnings" meets "Miracle on Ice."

A 49-year-old American father and his 23-year-old son represent an island nation few have heard of at an Olympics delayed by a worldwide pandemic. #yourewelcome

love this podcast episode.

August Wesley is an American wrestler and coach. He's coached high school and college athletes. He's the most decorated Greco-Roman wrestler to have come out of Sacramento, California. And, his cousin, Anthony Amado, represented Team USA in wrestling at the 1988 Seoul Olympics.

His son, Anthony Wesley, made national teams as a high school athlete and went on to compete at Iowa State University.

The father and son have dual citizenship with the tiny island nation of Cape Verde, or Cabo Verde.

Cabo Verde is off the west coast of Africa. It's one of the most developed democratic countries in Africa. But, it's never had much luck developing an Olympic team.

Until now.

On this Dying to Ask:

  • What August Wesley is going through physically and mentally to become an Olympic wrestler at 49
  • What has to happen to get Cape Verde's wrestling team to Tokyo
  • And how August Wesley kept his personal Olympic dream alive for decades

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