Dying To Ask

College Advising Experts Jenn Curtis And Cindy Muchnick On Why The Kids Aren‘t All Right

October 28, 2021

Are the kids all right?

The answer is yes and no as kids have returned to in-person learning after virtual learning in the pandemic.

Cindy Muchnick and Jenn Curtis are college advisers and the authors of "The Parent Compass."

Both say they're seeing some concerning trends in high schools.

Some kids quickly adjusted to in-person school. But many others are struggling to make social connections and get their education back on track.

Body clocks are out of whack after 18 months of pandemic life.

"Kids and parents are saying, 'You know, the kids were vampires during COVID and now they're trying to just reset that clock.' It's almost like they forgot the energy that it does take to interact and go to school and be face to face. But that energy is sort of what's normal, that's what kids should be doing, and they used to have the stamina and it seems like that's gone way down," Muchnick says.

On this Dying to Ask:

  • A reality check on how in-person school is going for teenagers.
  • The social disconnect many of them feel after a year on screens.
  • The impact sleep deprivation is again having on mood, anxiety and happiness for families.

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