Dying To Ask

Get In Shape With The Creator Of Fit Girl Hacks

June 2, 2022

Can you hack your way to better health? The creator of "Fit Girl Hacks" says absolutely.

Monique Christian is the trainer behind the social media community "Fit Girl Hacks." She has worked in the fitness industry for more than 20 years. Her big conclusion after training hundreds of people? Working out and eating well don't have to be so complicated.

She's sharing her shortcuts to better health in weekly hacks including:

  • Don't think too long or you'll talk yourself out of a workout
  • Start the day with a win and see how the rest of the day goes
  • Go to farmer's markets and learn the growers' names since they are generous with their friends

Simple but effective.

Listen to this episode on a workout and I'll bet you'll burn a few extra calories!

On this Dying to Ask:

  • Christian rapid-fire breaks down more than two dozen fit girl hacks
  • How friends can help or hinder your fitness goals
  • Why your brain is your biggest workout enemy
  • A summer grilling hack that will change how you look at meal prepping
  • And Monique shares what it's like to embrace life as a fitness influencer at 50

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