Dying To Ask

How Pallavi Golla Found An Untapped Market In Kids Activewear

May 5, 2022

Ever had a great idea but didn't know where to start?

That's called being an entrepreneur.

The successful ones start somewhere and often end up with a company or product that seems to have followed a linear path. The reality is that business journeys rarely make sense.

But there are some hacks to launching products that tend to work and Pallavi Golla is sharing those secrets in this Dying to Ask podcast episode.

Pallavi is the founder of Lark Adventurewear. Lark makes breathable activewear for kids.

Pallavi's son was 4 months old when she noticed he'd get really sweaty in his cotton onesies. She looked for more breathable materials to dress him in and struggled to find any that met her family's needs.

So, she created it.

But, designing activewear for kids wasn't easy. Most adult workout clothes contain chemicals to make them "breathe" during sweaty workout sessions. That fabric wouldn't work on a little kid's skin.

Pallavi had zero background in fashion or textiles.

But, in six years, she's created and trademarked a fabric called Softek and is the driving force behind a seven-figure online kids clothing company that is expanding to adult clothes too.

In this episode, Pallavi shares how she used knowledge from a background in hedge funds and the wine industry to propel Lark Adventurewear to success.

On this Dying to Ask:

  • Pallavi Golla's advice for entrepreneurs coming out of the pandemic
  • Why she's against quitting your day job to follow a dream
  • How she gives herself grace to make mistakes
  • How to mine your resume for hidden skills that might help you start a business
  • And how to handle the people in your life who think you've lost it when in fact you might be about to find your next big thing

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