Dying To Ask

How To Deal With Toxic People With Diane Gottsman

May 20, 2022

Gotta get away?

Good luck getting away from toxic people this summer.

Summer travel is predicted to hit pre-pandemic rates and you'll need to pack more than patience to make it to your destination with your cool intact.

Diane Gottsman is a modern etiquette expert and the founder of the Protocol School of Texas.

If you think people are edgier and crankier than ever, she says you're right! And those dicey interactions are spilling into many aspects of daily life.

Pandemic anxiety lingers and crowded airplanes are often where passengers who don't see eye to eye on virus precautions get into it.

Internships are back. But, employers and interns may be out of step on expectations on everything from communication to wardrobe.

The labor shortage has made shopping in some stores difficult because of inexperienced workers. It's easy to get frustrated. It's easy to say something you shouldn't. And it's often difficult to calm conflict.

So, how can you diffuse a hot situation?

Diane has a script for that and she's going to coach you on how to tricky situations and difficult people.

On this Dying to Ask:

  • How to diffuse conflict in places like planes or stores
  • How to extract yourself from a gossipy conversation
  • Two ways to instantly improve your interactions with people

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