Dying To Ask

How To Fight Procrastination With Brainly’s Patrick Quinn

March 24, 2022

Procrastination isn't new. But it's getting worse, especially with kids.


Because there's a lot of stuff we'd rather be doing than the stuff we should be doing.

And that is basically the definition of procrastination.

The difference these days is that we have so many digital distractions to monopolize our attention.

You think you have a tough time focusing on a task at hand? It's way worse for kids.

Patrick Quinn is a parenting expert at the online homework help site, Brainly. Before that, he worked as a middle school teacher in Brooklyn.

The father of three is also a viral video star and the creator of one of the greatest time wasters of all time, the Cheerio Challenge.

His sense of humor combined with his understanding of how kids' brains work make for a powerful combo in his role at Brainly. And, he has some time (and dad) tested ideas of what's fueling our ever-growing tendency to procrastinate and more importantly, what we can do to get more stuff done.

On this Dying to Ask:

  • How Patrick went from making viral dad videos to becoming a parenting expert
  • Advice for parents and kids on how to avoid procrastination
  • How creative outlets like blogging turn into careers

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