Dying To Ask

How To Find Purpose After Loss With Maura Horton

April 28, 2022

What is your life's purpose?

Sometimes we feel passionate about going in a direction. Other times life itself seems to send you down a path.

Maura Horton's life trajectory changed when her husband, college football coach Don Horton, was diagnosed with Parkinson's.

She watched Don struggle to do basic things like button his shirt as the disease robbed him of his mobility.

That loss of independence was crushing.

Maura looked for clothing with snaps that were easier to close.

She couldn't find any, so she invented it and patented a magnetic closure system to make dressing easier for people with limited mobility.

MagnaReady specializes in adaptive fashion and fills a gap whose importance most people don't recognize until an illness or injury impacts their ability to do something as simple as getting dressed.

The clothing line is sophisticated and trendy enough that it's popular with people who don't need adaptive features.

Amazingly, Maura Horton did all of this without any prior experience in fashion or entrepreneurship.

On this Dying to Ask:

  • How Maura started a company with zero experience in fashion
  • How to recognize something has become a life purpose
  • Maura's advice on overcoming grief

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