Dying To Ask

How To Live Like An Olympian With Dr. Naresh Rao

July 6, 2021

Want to live like an Olympian? There's a book for that.

Dr. Naresh Rao is an osteopathic physician, the team doctor and COVID-19 liaison officer for the U.S. Olympic Men's Water Polo Team.

He's also the author of "Step Up Your Game: The Revolutionary Program Elite Athletes Use to Increase Performance and Achieve Total Health."

The book is the culmination of what Dr. Rao learned in more than 10 years of guiding the physical and mental health of Olympic athletes as a team doctor.

Dr. Rao spent the last year doing everything possible to reduce the possibility of his athletes contracting the coronavirus during international competition. His entire team stayed healthy and is now vaccinated and ready to head to Tokyo.

In this episode, Dr. Rao will outline habits that create champions. They are habits athletes spend lifetimes developing, nurturing and putting to the ultimate test in Olympic competition.

The best part? Many of these habits are relatively simple and can make a major impact in your life too.

On this Dying to Ask:

  • How Dr. Rao got the gig as an Olympic team doc
  • Hacks to make your mental game as strong as your physical game
  • And the COVID-19 restrictions athletes will have to deal with while they're in Tokyo even though virtually all of them will be vaccinated

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