Dying To Ask

How To Reinvent Yourself With Amy Schmidt

December 2, 2021

Amy Schmidt is a reinvention specialist and her own guinea pig.

Schmidt's journey for her next big thing started five months before her 50th birthday. Her kids were heading to college, she'd recently lost a parent and she had just moved back to the United States after living in Germany for six years.

Answering the questions "who am I now?" and "what do I want to do next?" are daunting at any age.

However, there's something about midlife that forces a hard look at how you want to spend your time.

Her path of self-reflection and personal reinvention resulted in a book, "Cannonball: Fearlessly Facing Midlife and Beyond."

She gave a Ted Talk, created a podcast and is about to host a new TV show.

That feeling of being "stuck" is a familiar one, regardless of age, for many people in this lingering pandemic.

Schmidt's simple strategy for reinvention will resonate with anyone craving personal and professional change and it starts with six words.

Schmidt said, "Get up, get dressed and get going. There's power in those things, every day, get up get dressed and get going it's about that momentum again."

On this Dying to Ask:

  • Why procrastination and perfectionism are a toxic combo
  • How to create a personal highlight reel and what to do with it to find your next thing
  • And why everyone needs a compliment jar

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