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WebMD‘s Dr. John Whyte On Taking Control Of Your Cancer Risk

November 4, 2021

Can you prevent cancer?

WebMD's top doc says the answer is "yes" in many cases.

Dr. John Whyte is the Chief Medical Officer of WebMD.

His new book is called "Take Control of Your Cancer Risk."

Whyte wrote the book during quarantine in between home-schooling his kids and working from home.

He says 1 million Americans get a cancer diagnosis each year. Whyte says it doesn't have to be that way.

"The reality is only about 30% of cancer is due to genetics, the rest or 70% is influenced by lifestyle," he says. "What you eat, how you sleep, your level of stress level of physical activity, and that means you have the control to take control of your cancer."

On this Dying to Ask:

  • What you should and shouldn't be eating to stay healthy
  • Why adding spice to your life is a good thing in many ways
  • And Whyte has a reality check on what it's going to take to get out of pandemic life

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